Cedar oil – high porosity hair care


Hair oiling is an excellent beautifying and repairing hair treatment. Moreover, it provides full protection against damage. Natural oils are the only substances that are able to penetrate inside the hair and nourish it there.

Hair oiling is mostly recommended for damaged, dry hair that needs advanced care. This type of hair (dull, damaged, lacking bounce and vitality, easily absorbs water but loses it quickly) is known as high porosity hair.

High porosity hair needs suitable oils which will create a protective layer that saves from mechanical damage (heat emitted by dryers, flat iron, rubbing with a towel, harsh detangling). This layer will keep toxins from penetrating inside the hair. Therefore, it won’t be easy to harm it.

Cedar oil is ideal for high porosity hair. It is extracted from the seeds of Siberian pine. Cedar oil contains a high concentration of essential fatty acids. They have large particles which fit in perfectly between highly raised cuticles of high porosity hair. Cedar oil contains more or less 40% of omega-6 linoleic acid and 14% of omega-3 linolenic acid. These acids mainly determine non-penetrating properties of cedar oil that make it a perfect oil for high porosity hair.

Other oils that are similar to cedar oil (have non-penetrating qualities and large particles) may overburden medium and low porosity hair. Therefore, it is very important to identify hair porosity which is one of the most crucial criteria to define condition of hair. Generally, the drier and more brittle the hair, the higher the porosity. If you often colour or bleach your hair, use flat iron or curler – you can be sure that your hair is high porosity (or medium porosity that is getting high porosity). In this case, you should reach out for non-penetrating oils, including cedar oil.