Cedar oil for hair - characteristics

Cedar oil is cold pressed from the seeds of Siberian pine. To the east of Ural it is simply an irreplaceable remedy for many illnesses (mainly skin), as well as a comprehensive prevention, strengthening the entire body. Women appreciate it for its unique, highly rejuvenating and spectacularly regenerating properties.

The harsh climate of Siberia is not friendly to hair or skin. Low temperatures and frost damage hair (deprives it of vitality and flexibility), dry it out and irritate the skin (both face and head). These climatic conditions required to find a product that will care and regenerate hair and body while protecting against extreme temperatures.

For the inhabitants of Syberia, cedar oil has become the remedy for such problems. Research has proved that when it comes to nurturing properties, cedar oil outrivals even coconut oil, sea buckthorn oil or almond oil. Additionally, it contains five times more vitamin E than olive oil.

Cedar oil has a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids (approximately 40% of linoleic acid and 14% of linolenic acid). Therefore, the product is suitable for high porosity, damaged hair that lacks vitality and requires constant moisture. Moreover, cedar oil creates a protecting film on the surface of the hair. On one hand, it protects from any damages, on the other, prevents water loss from the inside. Thanks to this, strands are provided with the proper level of hydration for many hours. It is extremely important in the case of high porosity, damaged hair with raised scales.

Additionally, cedar oil comprise a diversity of vitamins, essential for hair. Thanks to those components, wisps gain strength, vitality and start growing faster. The main vitamins contained in cedar oil are: vitamin A (responsible for cycle of renewal of cells in the body, stimulates hair growth), C (is a strong antioxidant and fight free radicals, improve hair resilience). B1 (helps to rebuild the structure of hair, strengthens its shaft and reduced excess sebum secretion).

Cedar oil applied regularly to hair nad scalp prevents from damages, provides antiseptic properties for scalp, regenerates it and strengthens hair bulbs. Additionally, it helps fight dandruff and has beneficial influence on regenerating dry wisps.

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